In this episode join Max, Lauren and Brooks as they visit the world-famous gem localities of Pala, CA.

The first stop is the OceanView Mine with mine owner Jeff Swanger. Here they sift through the mine tailings and get an underground tour of, "The LAST real operating gem mine" in the Pala area.

Then it's on to the famous Pala Chief Mine with mine owner Bob Dawson. Dawson takes the kids on a whirlwind tour of where some of the finest gem kunzite in Southern California was found as he teaches them about pegmatite formations. Then the kids are led to an exposed pocket of large quartz crystals and Dawson teaches them how to safely extract crystals.

Filled with excitement, adventure and the quest for the next outstanding mineral speciem, The New Crystal Hunters: Pala is an odyssey into the real-life experience of field collecting minerals in one of the most famous localities of all time!!!

Sidenote: The kids decided that one of the major smoky quartz crystals with a phantom inclusion that was unearthed by them should be donated to the Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Society so that everyone can enjoy it.

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